A little bit of back story to bring everyone up to speed before my rant :

Several months ago a good friend that I work with was walking home late at night and was jumped by several attackers.  He was beat up pretty bad but is alive and well to tell the tale.  I’m not too sure about all the details but I remember when I saw him at work after the incident his eyes were bloodshot and I was unaware of how long he was out of work / commission due to being away myself; but the damage was serious enough.

Fast forward to today at work.  Every weekend we have an “extra” person on the floor to cover any call outs or no-shows.  When all scheduled employees show up at work than that extra person has a choice, they can either go home or find someone that wants to go home and work for them instead.  Today we had two extra people on the floor so there was some, albeit “humorous”, mad confusion of who would be the person(s) going home.  I over heard my manager say; ” send (we’ll call him X) X home, he always wants to go home; who knows maybe he’ll get his ass kicked on the way home again”.  Followed by Jersey Shore wanna be Italian laughter.


This is how little respect our managers at this restaurant have for us, that they find an assault on one of their workers fodder for jokes.  It took all I had not to walk up to him and say “Listen you fat disgusting wanker, go fuck yourself I’m done with your shit I quit!”

But no because of the financial responsibilities I have, I chose to turn my back on decency and a lot of what I believe in and went about my job.

I can’t wait to leave that hell hole.

I lost a little bit of my soul today.