Hey all!  I need help refining a new rating system.  I appropriated and reworked this system from F.Paul Wilson, a writer whom while I don’t agree with all his movie reviews, I really enjoy his series Repair Man Jack which I suggest to anyone who like a well written thriller with some supernatural under/over tones.  So anyway here is the thought:

If I had no work, no homework and could read throughout the night and all throughout the day; how many times would I place a bookmark in the book because I needed time away from it.  So for instance : The latest Dean Koontz and the latest Preston/Child; both of which I blazed through!  I love their  pace and characters so I would essentially say no bookmarks; because I never wanted to put them down.  On the other hand The Machine Crusade; the second prequel of the Dune series I felt was a bore.  It was essentially a filler piece that while significant things happend they all could have happened within 2-300 pages instead of 600 pgs.  Therefore I would place 4-5 bookmarks.  In essence saying that I put it down quite a bit.

My problems arise with two things; I would say normally 4-5 bookmarks would be a “bad review” but if a book is dense and heavy on the brain (as well as over 600 pgs) 4-5 bookmarks may not be necessarily “bad”.

so any suggestions before I begin to implement Operation : Bookmark Rating??

Help 🙂