So I’m watching the season finale of Law & Order : SVU tonight and couldn’t help but laugh.

Now the series, in my opinion, has faulted quite a bit throughout the years, it’s just not as good as used to be.  I still watch it every once in awhile due to some interesting story ideas and I must admit I enjoy the characters.  When it comes to season finales, plot lines become heightened and it is my express wish that the scripts are more intense than the preceding episodes; not always so 😦

This episode was not that bad, it also wasn’t that great either.  However the end, while being set up to be intense, engrossing and shocking, it ended up being trite, typical and laughable.

The daughter of a raped and murdered woman visit her friendly neighborhood detectives who are searching effortlessly for the killer.  She is distraught but wants closure to this nightmare and asks to see the man who took her mothers life.  She has the rare opportunity to see the three men who each in their own way played a role in her mothers demise.  The three men are in a cage in the middle of the squad house and she looks on at them with sorrow and distaste.  She has had enough and begins to walk back to the elevator to exit the episode.  What could happen?  I don’t know, I mean after over a decade of this show a victim of rape or attack has never made a visit to the squad house, seen their rapist and then turned around taken a gun out of their jacket and shot dead their foe while the cops watch on in slow motion awe.  That has never happened and I was sure it wasn’t going to happen now.

The young lady walks to the elevator, the camera follows Benson (the female partner) back to her fellow officers and not a moment later … the young girl returns out of nowhere and begins shooting.  She fires continuously into the cage onto the three bad guys.  Everyone hits the deck, the girl turns the gun frantically and shoots an extra (why she has shot wildly to the right no where near the cage with the bad guys I don’t know other than that is what the script asks for) dead.  Stabler (male partner) takes out his gun and shouts for the girl to put the gun down.  She begins to listen and then the half dead baddy in the cage makes a fatal mistake … he shouts “I should have shot you after I killed your mother…”  and as she raises her gun for one… final… shot…Stabler shoots the teen.  Running to her side in shock and awe that he has just mortally shot a child he holds her and listens to her final words; “I just bought it on the street, it was so easy”.

Now earlier in the episode there was a parallel story line concerning how one bad guy got the gun to kill the woman and Stabler said “Don’t you know that we have a hand gun problem in this country?…”  Okay so there is the message in this final episode of the season.   WE HAVE A GUN PROBLEM!!  noted.

So the teens comment brings us full circle in the message, it was just soo easy for a girl to buy a gun on the city streets.  We should be aware of this and I should be proud of this tv show bringing this important fact to the public’s attention.

However…. I’m wondering if anyone reading the script before and during the script noticed that not only are they saying that it’s just so easy to buy a gun on the streets in this country but apparently it’s also incredibly easy for a teen to bring a handgun into a police precinct.   Anyone??  just silly; and I’ve finally had enough of this show.  No more for Dusty.