Just finished seeing the brand new x-men flick, and I wanted to enjoy it.  The film, first off, is not for purists.  The film, secondly, is not for film buffs either.  The film wants to be somewhere in the middle; it comes real close but ultimately, I feel it fails.

If your a purist when it comes to your uncanny heroes I feel you will be horrified when and if you see this movie.  The origins of the mutant heroes/villains are not necessarily changed but their relationships to one another are; drastically.  This is what I actually really enjoyed about the film.  The writers and directors really took a chance on re-vamping to some extent the characters that are well known while (re) introducing some we may have forgotten or simply are not known to the “general” populace.  It gave us a chance to re-see the polarizing views that the leaders of the X-Men and what would come be Brotherhood of Mutants, would come too.  By reintroducing the cast of Xaviers students prior to actually becoming his students, we have a deeper insight to why who comes to follow who.

That is what was meant to happen anyway.

This is where the film fell apart for me.  I really felt this was the thinking man’s X-Men.  It was set against the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis; an early 60’s political power play that could mirror the Xavier/Magneto strife.  There was not a lot of action, and that I really enjoyed, there was a lot of talking, relationship building, a slight show of deeper meanings and introspection for the characters; it wanted to be less shallow than it actually was.

But in the end; it was as if the writers realized what they had done was completely rewritten the universe people loved so much and said to themselves; “oh crap, we have to get it back to normal”.  And they made this crazy 90 degree turn and in order to set the story straight (back into the marvel universe, the comic geeks are familiar with) they made characters do things THAT MADE ALMOST NO SENSE TO DO.  After what these characters have been through, it would be highly unlikely for them to fall into the  allegiances  and make  decisions they end up making.

From a story standpoint, it was a failure (in my eyes).  It tried so hard, I can see that, but they were so concerned with making everyone happy and I feel that they should have stayed the course and created something new.