I’m putting it out there, if you didn’t enjoy Cabin in the Woods, I think you just didn’t “get it”.  I thoroughly enjoyed this romp through the annals of horror and sci-fi. Think of the movie in terms of Texas Chainsaw Massacre + Scream + Cube.  Throw in Joss Whedon and many time collaborator Drew Goddard (lost, Buffy, Angel, Cloverfield)  to write it and cast Whedon’s usual suspects; and finally give Drew the opportunity to direct his first film and you’ve got a great time.

We all know the story, five kids venture off with reckless abandon into unknown wooded territory to spend time with “nature”.  There they meet their DOOM!!!  Ah, but as the poster states “You think you know the story”.  And if you don’t pay attention you won’t.  However the script is not a mystery, the direction spells it out; if you care to listen.

The film starts with specific imagery (not to mention the parallel story line happening that fills in the gaps) and a vibe that tells you exactly what to expect.  If after the opening credit sequence you are still expecting your typical horror slasher flick; you’ve already missed the point.

The films goes through all the motions of the slasher genre, spooky house, kids fornicating, said kids being hacked to pieces by weapon wielding madmen.  However it adds spice by not only “redefining” why and how it’s all happening but never taking itself so seriously.  The downfall of many a horror film is when they take themselves so seriously.  Whedon and co. create a “prego” – esque sauce (it’s in there) giving doses of so many well-known horror elements.  Think Kill Bill lite, the more you know horror movies, the more you will giggle with the ingredients.

Earlier in the last paragraph I put redefining in quotations, the reason is that none of this is new.  The mash – up in and of itself is not new, but the flavor in which it is done is refreshing and feels new in light of the past several years of grotesque horror films in the Saw and Hostel variety.  this is not one of those, it is done with humor and a roll of the eyes.  It is also done with a sense of fun and a little bit of remembrance of good ole horror without getting on a high horse.