I’m so backed up on reading comics.  I used to collect a lot, but then I became broke and I started to download them digitally (shhh don’t tell anyone).  I just lost every comic I’ve downloaded on my external harddrive – I guess it served me right huh?  Anyway I’ve started my thievery again and to my luck Marvel has begun a re-numbering scheme (but NOT a reboot, as they insist).  So I’m giving each book a try and here are my thoughts.

Deadpool #1.  I’ve never been much of a Deadpool fan, not that I dislike the character but I’ve just never gotten into the storylines.  Here we have Deadpool (apparently another victim of Weapon X ala Wolverine, I thought they made that up for that horrific movie) a freelance killing machine whose body is ravaged by sores but has a healing factor that enables him to survive everything [I guess he’s immortal].  This time around the witty smart-mouth (you thought Spiderman had a quip every word bubble, he’s got nothing on the Merc w/ a mouth) is battling dead presidents come to life as harbingers of death and governmental upheaval.  It’s a cute book, made even “cuter” by the soft art, everything is round, puffy and kinda goofy looking which is such a juxtaposition to the violent nature of the book.  The story wasn’t intriguing in anyway, just a bunch of running around shooting and dismemberment with a wise ass decrepit looking character, this introduction to this character isn’t doing anything for me yet.

All New X-men #1.  I said it before, I was so backed up on my comic reading that I was excited that I could jump onto a new number one for the X-men franchise ’cause I missed a lot.  Problem being this, again, Is NOT a reboot; therefore everything is still an extension of what came before and I’m a completest, which in the end sucks for me.  We have a new X-men number 1 that is dealing with the after effects of X-men vs. Avengers storyline.  The book gives a quick recap on the first page to get us going, but it still doesn’t help if you’re as backed up as I was; when did Iceman go all Vertigo Jack Frost?  When did Beast come back?  Didn’t he go away after X-tinction or what ever they called that arc?  The last thing I started reading was Schism and Magneto was listing to orders from Scott Summers? Wow, I’m behind and again a new number one is only basically giving me a short summary and a new story arc.  Here the crux is that Summers has become a darker version of the first volume of X-Factor which had the original students of Prof. X going around a saving/recruiting new mutants, it was a great book and had an amazing run.  This time it seems that while Cyclops is doing the same thing w/ a slice of the X-men group he’s become a radical in doing so and is being ‘hunted’ by the rest of the X-men team.  What I don’t get is why the rest of the team feels that what he’s doing is wrong, I didn’t see him kill any humans, it seemed that he was a bit more aggressive but the impression I got was that the government was, yet again, anti-mutant so … maybe I missed something.  The end of the issue was interesting, so I’ll keep w/ it and the artwork was really nice too, so that always helps.

Fantastic Four #1.  Sue Storm says it right in this book “My circus”.  When did the Fantastic Four become the Fantastic How many are in this house?  Shouldn’t Franklin (Reed’s and Sue’s kid) be like a teen by now?  :).  Anyway I really like this book as a starting point more than the other two so far, The team gets back from an adventure where they almost get eaten by a dinosaur and Reed finds out his molecular structure is in a bad way so he decides that he and the fam are going on year space journey.  Looks like the Fantastic Four is trying to reinvent the Swiss Family Robbinson and Lost in Space and I’m in.  While they are gone they are going to choose four heroes to stand in for them; hence the new arc for FF (which was Future Foundation .. I don’t know what that was, I never got to it).  And best of all Herbie the robot is back!  (This may not be new but it is to me; I loved Herbie)

Iron Man #1.  What a smartly written book.  This is the kind of comic I truly enjoy; great art, well written prose and a steady pace of both action and story.  This new number one does exactly what a new number one should do; it gave a quick intro, within the story, of both the hero and the villain; in this case Extremis.  I didn’t need any prior knowledge.  I’ll be excited to continue reading this one.