Thor, God of Thunder #1.  This was a great issue.  Superb art (IMHO), great story and a great one to jump into anew.  We are given a wonderfully set up with three different era Thors.  One of the past (in relation to the current story that weaves it’s way through all three eras) where he is young and gallantly regaling tales of  heroism whilst getting drunk.  The fellow townspeople that are is company find a dead God’s head with eyes filled w/ terror.  Who or what can kill a God?  Thor wants to find out.  Current era Thor answers the prayer of a young alien girl to end the drought on her planet.  Thors finds out that this planet doesn’t have any God’s and heads out to find the wayward beings, only to be reminded of the God killer of yore.  Finally we see a Thor from Eons hence, old angry and bitter.  Yet willing to fight, who are what is he fighting?  We will see in the next few issues and I for one, can’t wait.

Captain America #1.  I yearn for Captain America of the past.  I don’t remember how many reboots ago I fell in love w/ Capt. but it was with the Winter Soldier story arc.  The action and plot went hand in hand and I was on the edge of my seat each and every story line.  then he died, which was cool.  Then he was brought back, which sucked.  Then there were the Capt. team up issues, which were okay.  This, well … I guess only time will tell.  Capt. finds himself on a NYC subway train of death only to be captured by a old villain (who they give a nice twist too I will say).  I didn’t have an issue w/ the plot overall, what I did have issue w/ is jumps in logic that for some will say “hey, it’s a comic; chill”, but I say I expect more from the comics I respect.  Why did Rogers get on this train with no intel to begin w/, where was his shield and how and why and why again???  When I have to ask this many questions the writers did not do a good enough job (this goes for me with anything film, books or comics).  and the art .. eh.  Sorry Capt. you are gonna have to work hard and getting me on board this train.

Indestructible Hulk #1.  Sweet book.  I used to love the Hulk and then they rewrote Spartacus with the Hulk (World War Hulk) and for me it went downhill and I was never able to get back into him.  I couldn’t really stand the Red Hulk stuff and Banner trying to teach Skaar was trying to hard to be funny and cute and violent at the same time and it never worked for me.  Sorry.  Here though, we have another well written story that, at least so far, doesn’t require much prior knowledge of Hulk pedigree.  Banner is tired of being a genius that won’t be remembered for much beyond what his alter ego has destroyed.  He meets up with S.H.I.E.L.D. and offers up both his genius and brawn equally.  It’s a hit and I can’t wait for more.  Story, character and art are so good that this may be my favorite of Marvel Now so far (w/ Thor a real close second).