Title A Feast of Friends originally published Feb ’88

Written by Jamie  Delano art by John Ridgway

Location : New York

Time : November ’87

This is the issue that we really see what kind of man Constantine can be; a true and right bastard.  However we are made to feel for him because he’s doing the only thing he can do in the situation.

A hunger demon Imageis loose about NYC making people become consumed by their own hungers and desire.  There is a neat panel where A man chokes himself on classic comic books (in the panel are the issues Action Comics and Watchmen, which was about a year to two years old at this point and a nod to Constantine creator Alan Moore).  The only thing Constantine can do is entice the demon to re-enter John’s friend who released it in the first place.  We see John lying to Lester’s face but we also see how John hates this reality.

(in talking about Gary Lester’s mother) John says “She never did like me.  Bad influence, she said.  People should listen to their mothers.”  John knows what he is doing is shite but it’s the only thing he can do.

This is apparently not the first time John has had do the unthinkable, and Gary Lester is not the first of his friends that have gotten dealt the short end of the stick.  This is evidenced by the visitation of several of John old mates in their ghostly form.  We again see Emma, we are also introduced to Sister Anne-Marie, Frank & Benjamin.  All killed by the Invunche.  John makes comments that they all new “high stakes” they were dealing with.  He gets angry with the hauntings as the only way of dealing with it, however as he tries to go to sleep, he thinks about how empty his bed is and how he missed Emma; G’night John she whispers.  “Her soft voice, next to my ear, is the last straw.  I suffocate my sudden sobs in the pillow and wait for dawn.”  John is a bastard, he knows it and hates himself for it.

No wonder I love this character.  He is a bad-ass magician who is a wise ass to demons to their face but he is so damaged and can do nothing but keep kicking.  He drinks himself into a stupor continuously as Gary screams till he is utterly consumed by the demon trapped inside him.

John is headed back to London as he needs an “Ocean to separate himself from Midnite, Gary” and the thought of a city that doesn’t even know how much it owes to him.