A dear friend is now hosting his very own dinner parties. I’m re-posting so more and more people get to see a wonderful culinary mind bloom. Good luck Cameron.

NYDP - A Self-guided Culinary Education!

That’s number 1 for those who don’t speak-o the Spanish-o.

After a few days of mulling over delicious recipes and food items I have a final menu for my first dinner party. So without further adieu here it is.


Taking a cue from my new friend and queso lover Lily (see Cheese Tasting at Brooklyn Larder), I will be doing a cheese plate with a few sliced meats and Medjool dates. The cheeses will be my  three favorites from The Brooklyn Larder, The English Spenwood, the Adelegger from Bavaria, and the Italian Blu del Moncenisio. The meats will be the Fenocchiona and the Brasala, but not the Calabrese (it was far too spicy for this appetizer platter).

I will be pairing these cheeses with a nice light white wine, which has yet to be determined. I am looking forward to that wine tasting trip!


Now here is…

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