“Going for It”

Written by Jamie  Delano art by John Ridgway

Originally debut : March 1988

Location : Spitalfields, England (a Jack The Ripper haunt)

Time : June 11 ’87 – The issue is past event.  The current time line is late ’87 (from issues 1 and 2)

Characters introduced : Ray Monde


This issue has it’s ups and downs for me.  It’s a very political and business oriented issue and I’m not too knowledgeable  of Thatcher era England nor am I great with the financial world.  The issue takes place on election day June 11th and it revolves heavily on the commodities of souls during the election.  What the issue does establish is this :

John is familiar and has a history with daemons.  More importantly he has fucked them over in the past and they are knowledgeable of him.

Hell and it’s denizens are introduced in more formal fashion in this issue than in 1 or 2.

John, like Sherlock Holmes gets bored easily and searches for things that will peak his interest and in this case his friend Ray Monde (” an outrageous fag who runs a far-out clippings agency from a junk shop in Camden.  He’s got a feel for synchronicity and a penchant for the bizarre”)

this issue creates the idea of synchronicity which will be repeated throughout the series.

John may have tricked the demon in the previous story line but he truly cons the demon in this one.

John may be smart but he really puts himself in the middle of a lot a shit that he may not always be confidant he can get out of (which is fun).
A stand alone issue for the most part and some twisted nuggets here and there but not much I can really dote on.

I will make a note on the way John is dressed.  In previous swamp thing issues and the first several issues of Hellblazer, John is quite a dapper dresser.  Always in suit and his trench.  Yes he drinks like a fish and smokes likes a chimney.  But he is as clean outside as he is dirty inside.