it’s been said, no one sets out to make a bad film, more than likely a very true statement.  Several may set out to make masterpieces at every go; fewer still come as close to actually succeeding at that as Tarantino.  Every image, every frame is a love letter to the silver screen.  His pacing is close to perfect and he extracts wonderful portrayals  of his larger than life characters from his cast and via that succeeds in getting just the right reactions from the audience.  Now, whether that be cringes, laughs or shouts is an individuals issue, but he knows when he’s going to get one of those from each and every person.

The Hateful Eight (QT’s eighth feature and a nod to Fellini’s 8 1/2 self-referencing title) is a star studded affair and quite a good time.  Filmed in “glorious 70 mm”, running time at 3 hours 7 minutes (if you see it with the intermission, and a film score by legend Ennio Morricone (who apparently had once said he would never score a QT film after he didn’t like how his music was used in Django, he obviously changed his tune), QT has given us quite a flick.

Eight ruffians find themselves stuck finding shelter together during a major blizzard.  A cowboy, a Mexican, a bounty hunter and his bounty, a hangman, a yet to sworn in sheriff, a black war hero turn bounty hunter and aged confederate soldier, all from different sides of the law and war they must survive the blizzard and each other.

This is a glorious movie going experience.  As I said above the filmmaking is so close to perfect.  The movie is beautiful to watch and such an amusing ride to go on.  The script gives each and every character life and a personality, no one is there just as cannon fodder.  The screen play finds equal amount conversation pieces, monologues and action (bloody bloody bloody action).

There is also the wonderful ability of QT to play with story structure, you kind of see it coming and don’t at the same time.

And there is what i feel keeps The Hateful Eight from being a masterpiece for awards season (it is no doubt one of the best films of the year).  The one thing missing from this film is any ounce of restraint; it is full blown self-indulgent movie making.  I say that as a negative however it doesn’t mean i enjoyed the film less due to it.  I know that sounds odd, but I enjoyed the film, a great deal.  But do to some of the moments that were so over the top it keeps the movie from being a 100 % masterpiece.  Tarantino, as a director does an amazing job of giving each and every scene time to breathe.  However some of those scenes could do with some shortening, maybe I’m getting old but sometime crass is good, sometimes crassness for crassness sake just doesn’t work for me; in this case it’s the repetition of certain elements that could have been cut.

That said, go see it!  Language and really really bloody scenes are abound so if that bothers you stay away.

-also i do believe that the non 70mm showing do not have the intermission so have an under 3 hour runtime (but not by much)