My name is Dustin C.C. Manning and I’m a geek.  I can remember being “kicked” out of the “adult” (not porn) section of my local library due to my age; but I’d already read everything of interest in the kids section.  In was just a matter of time (and technology) that I would start ranting and raving about the books that I read and sent it out to the world.

Film is another passion of mine, while I still love my stalwart, ruggedly handsome but lonely; “I don’t want to be alone, but that’s the way it has to be and I’ll live on” hero I’ve learned a great deal about how film truly works.  You can still have those stories, but certain films take the story, editing, directing etc. to a level that is worthy of the term film as opposed to “flick or movie”.

Music is yet another art-form very near and dear to my heart.  Ranging from classical to world fusion and consistently stuck in a wonderful loop of psychedelic sixties rock, music fuels almost every imaginative idea I have.

I currently attend CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice where I received my BA in Forensic Psychology with a minor in Gender Studies.  I’m almost finished acquiring my masters in Forensic Mental Health Counseling.  It is with passion, enjoyment and a now some education to back it up that I write these reviews.

I encourage people to critique and review my postings as I can do nothing but learn from my mistakes.

thanks for reading!

The professor !