One of my first posts to this blog was my hardcore affiliation to my Nook and Ereaders / ebooks in general. Very recently I have been able to purchase several books by some of my favorite authors a week or so prior to the actual release date but only in hardcover. So the last three novels ( and one forthcoming) I have actually read as a physical ‘book’. Surprise surprise; I didn’t Hate it.
Now, I still love my Nook and all the things it affords me; for example I couldn’t read outside at night in the park, the books (especially Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves (865 pages) were somewhat cumbersome and yes my fingers and hands hurt from holding them. Yet there was something … something that I’d missed. I don’t know exactly what that is. ┬áThe weight? the cover? ┬áMaybe all combining into simply some nostalgia?

I haven’t gone completely anti-ereader, but I’m no longer so anti-book anymore either.
All that said, I’m going to now give my fingers some rest and grab my nook.